Author: Tiffany Thomas    •    Creative: Anthony W. Phills
Author: Tiffany Thomas

Hiraeth World

Humanity stands at a crossroads. Theirs is the third civilization in history to have grown to span the world of Eyvin. The great Empire of Zemlazimy spans across the northern continent, and all those to the south bow in submission lest King Herger trample them in his search for glory. But this glory comes at a price, and fate has a way of shaking things up. Humankind has earned its place at the top of the world thus far by creating the Great Accord: a sinister contract with the God-King of Dragons.

But there are whispers that this Accord grows weak, and that Herger's power wanes. In the West, a massive caravan laden with taxes has been robbed. An attack on the King's men by a dragon so openly would be in direct violation of the Accord, yet there are some who say a dragon was indeed involved. As Herger's line grows thin--with all but one of his sons dying young--the wise begin to recall the prophecy made long ago that his daughter Yrsa would alter the future of mankind. Will her actions bring humanity peace and prosperity? Or will they cling to the precipice of extinction and legend like those before?

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